Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

When I look how long it's been
since I've updated my blog I am amazed!

I have struggled since June when I had a surprise
diverticulitis attack.  I had never had that kind of pain
and I didn't know what brought it on - but none the less I got it!
I began by eliminating gluten from my diet and began eating
a veto friendly diet which I was sure would
heal me, however I had two more attacks and was sent to
a surgeon for a consult.  Our initial plan was to wait until the 
middle of January to see how I was doing and discuss whether surgery
was needed.  Unfortunately I had another attack 4 days after
a routine colonoscopy.  This one put me in the hospital right before 
Christmas for two days on IV fluids and antibiotics.  
I had another micro perf in my bowel
and I am sure now that surgery will not be an option but a necessity.
That being said, I am almost finished with this course of
antibiotics and will see the surgeon again in January.

Needless to say I did not get much crafting done prior to
the holidays.  Today I decided to use some of the images I 
colored and make some small little 3x3 notes.

For starters, I have made a faith & prayer journal for 2018.
Here is a picture of a "used" Kate Spade Agenda that I purchased 
online.  I wanted something with a zipper so the contents would be protected.
I take this journal with me on Sunday mornings
and as the pastor and church members talk about people who
need prayers, I have notes ready for me to personalize
and give to them.  This journal also serves as the location to keep
my  ongoing prayer list and sermon notes.

This morning I decided to add in a couple more
3x3 cares today for birthday and thinking of you.
If you have ever read my blog before, you know I LOVE making
this little size card.  Cardztv has a PERFECT set to use
on these little cards - it's called Mini Messages!
Love the font and this set has a message for anything!

Here are two more cards I made this morning!

The little snowman is on a mini action wobble!
It is so cute!

Sorry for the lighting on this set, but I wanted to show you
how adorable these cards are.  Also - I only used
scraps for all of these cards.  Love that I can create something
so cute from paper scraps.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I am hopeful that I will soon be able to update
my blog much more often than in the previous
6 months.

Happy New Year everyone!