Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's been a very long summer and now
I feel a nip in the air which is hinting about
my favorite time of the year - Fall!  My husband
and I have been talking about downsizing and moving
for years.  My children are grown and have moved away
with families of their own so our home of 30 years
was much more than we needed.  I had been
looking online at condos in the late spring but
they sold so quickly in the area I was looking I 
didn't have any luck.  A condo came on the market
and I called my realtor on a Sunday night and ask for
a Monday morning showing.  I know, what a pain I was!
Anyway, to make a long story short, we saw, we liked,
we offered, they accepted and the moving began.
Our home was not listed AND we had not been
purging!  30 years of STUFF that we needed to 
go through so we could list our home.

So the packing began to move from this house.  I can't
begin to tell you how much we gave away, but I'm happy to
say we are now moved and here is a photo of my new
living room.

Our summer was FULL of leaving one home and
preparing our new nest.  We aren't done yet!  It will
be a work in progress over the next several months.

I'd love to show you my new craft space but....


I promise to do a video when I have it put together.

Stay tuned!  I'm back from my hiatus with
Cardztv Stamps and will posting soon a 
cute 3D project for Halloween!

Have a wonderful Sunday!