Friday, September 18, 2015

Cardztv 3D Design Team post

I am very excited to be back with
the Cardztv Design Team!
I will serving this term on the 3D team
and I LOVE making 3D items.

I do want to share that I've know Mary Grubbs
before there were stamps!  I used to watch her
Youtube videos for inspiration ALL THE TIME!
No one then or now knows a Cricut cartridge like Mary 
or can get as much mileage out of one.  I have
teased her in the past that she must have
taken the booklets to bed with her and
fell asleep dreaming about what she would create.

When Mary share on her YouTube channel that she was going to
be creating stamps, I was ecstatic!  I was proud then
to be on her first DT and I'm just as proud now.

Mary's stamp sets are so versatile
that you never have to look far for the
perfect sentiment.  Even while I was on VACA from
the team, so many of my projects featured Cardztv Stamps!

Well enough about me!  It's all about
Cardztv Stamps and today it's a 3D item.

Hey Pumpkin!

Check out my video below to see
how I created this cute little 3D card!

Here are the two sets used for this card:

Thanks for stopping by!