Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Friday Fun!

Hubby and I were traveling on Black Friday.
We were driving to Minnesota to see our new
granddaughter so I didn't participate in any
Black Friday sales in the store, but I just
had to log on to My Creative Time website
to see what her Black Friday special was and I was
not disappointed.  I have grown to love Emma's
dies as I can utilize so many more scraps and I 
don't always have to get one of my machines going.
I use a Cuttlebug to cut out her dies and they work
beautifully.  Well my order came in
yesterday and I just had to make something
immediately.  If you are like me the days are getting
shorter and Christmas and other events seem just around
the corner.  With my new goodies I made this cute little
"list note" and attached a magnet
on the back to hang on the refrigerator.

Every item pictured here was in 
Emma's Black Friday special.
The little note in the right hand corner is
attached with a mini clothes pin but I
went one step further and ran it 
through the laminator so I can
change the "_______ days until Christmas"
with a dry erase marker!

I'm a list girl, but I like things to look
cute!  I hope you enjoy my little checklist.

Happy crafting!


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