Sunday, March 24, 2013


I love Pinterest and when I feel like I need some inspiration OR if I have nothing to do, I start to lurk.  One day I found similar bottles used to make bunny treats!  I instantly "pinned" them on one of my boards so I could find them later.  I'm so glad I remember they were there.  This is my version....

Now before I go into how I made them, I must share that I needed to drink two of these today so I'd have the bottles!  Needless to say I will probably still be awake at 3AM!  After drinking these, I washed out the bottles real good and peeled off the labels.  The little residue that was left came off easily with a kitchen scratcher.  I also need to clean the underside of the lid really good with the same scratcher.  After letting them dry for a few hours, I filled with candy.  I used "sticky strip tape" around the bottle cap.  I taped the "ears" to the lid and added a little more sticky strip over the ears and then wrapped a piece of ribbon around.  I added a bow to the front with a glue dot.  You can see the tag I have on one of the bottles and this is attached with glue dots too.

The ears came from the Silhouette store from another cut.  You could also make your own.  I think the ones from Pinterest were all white.

I think my little guys will like their treats, don't you?



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