Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hostess Gift for the Holidays!

My mother has been gone for well
over 30 years, yet I remember so MANY lessons
she taught.  One is that when you go to carry-in
you take the amount of food you would need if you
eat at home.  Ha ha!  We never went to a church
carry-in with one dish - no, not us!  We would
have several.
Another lesson is if you go to someone's home
for the holidays or another time, you should take
the hostess a gift.  I spent some time yesterday
making one of those gifts I will use.
I love these tins, although I can't remember where I got
them but I did order them online.  I'm sure you could
Google them!  I used one of my favorite chocolates
the Hershey Nugget.  I stamped a page of printer
address labels and used several stamp sets
for Christmas and picked out words that would
fit on the Nugget.
If you would like, you can also use printed patterned paper, but
using labels lends itself to easily covering the Nugget.  If you
do want to wrap the printed paper, you will need strips of paper
cut at 1 x 3 inch and tape well.

In the above picture you see I used patterned paper
as a belly band and taped it on the bottom.  I then used a
new die from My Creative Time called Vintage Stiched Label Dies. 
Vintage Stitched Label Dies
I then glitzed it up a little to finish off the presentation.

Well, what do you think?  Would you like to be
a hostess and invite me to your house?
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Happy crafting!


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