Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to declutter and clean!

I look forward to Sunday afternoons so I can get into my craft room and create.  I knew today needed to be different.  My loft (where I craft) was a mess.  I had made several cards, made cuts with my cricut,and had a total mess.  Not sure about you, but I can't be creative when I'm looking at a mess.  So even though I needed some birthday cards today, I decided to clean. All of my scraps are put away, my two trash baskets are empty, stamps and ink pads are put away and my carpet is swept.  Then since everything looked pretty tidy, I tackled one more task.  All of my Cricut and Imagine mats weren't sticky anymore, so I cleaned them all and then used my Zip two-way glue pen to restick my mats.  This is what my floor looked like this afternoon.

I even re-stuck my big 12x24 mats.  I'm ready for anything!

I was looking at my table and decided I needed a holder for my two ATG guns.  I had seen a couple of them on the internet but I hated to spend money on them, so I asked my personal Mr. Fix It, my hubby Bruce to make me something.  Look what he came up with!

This works wonderful!  It gets both of them OFF my desk but handily at my side.

So even though I didn't create anything, I still got a lot accomplished.  Maybe I won't be so pooped this week and I can create after work some night.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  Happy day!



  1. I cleaned in my Craftroom today. They sure can get messy fast. Your Hubby did an Awesome Job on fixing a place for your ATG Guns. :0)

  2. Hey Mimi, I don't see an email link for you so I'm trying this to contact you. Please stop by the RRR blog here
    You won our blog hop prize and I'd love to send you the goodies. Thanks!! Bonnie


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