Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time to organize!

I am a huge fan of My Creative Time stamps.  Actually I love CLEAR STAMPS.  The space saving factor is enough to get me excited but I truly feel the image is much clearer than the rubber image.  I have amassed a HUGE number of stamps that were all mounted on wood.  Slowly I have been removing the wood block and I've stored them in CD cases, however, Emma gives you so many stamps per set (great value) that I needed to find a DVD case to store them.  As you can see they fit perfectly!  I am still looking for a better place to find the DVD cases cheaper.  I bought these on EBay and they were about $2 each.  I think I can do better if I can just find the source.  I like Emma's packaging as she prints the image on her packing material.  I can use that as my insert so I know what is in the case.

Two other stamp lines that I own are My Pink Stamper and K Andrew Designs.  I have place these into the clear CD cases.  Since the image is not stamped on the list, I printed off the picture of the set and laminated it.  When I am searching for just the right saying, I can leaf through my laminated sheets and locate what I need.  Sorry for the glare!

Lastly I wanted to show you a project I've been working on for storing my Cricut and Imagine cartridges and booklets.  When I only had a few cartridges, it was easy to locate and look through my booklets, however, I began purchasing more and found out I was really missing many "pearls" located in the booklets as I was only looking at the back of the box!  There are so many more images on these cartridges and now that my booklets are located in two containers, I can easily sort through my booklets and mark things I'd like to try.  I did a search on You Tube and for the life of me I can't locate the person who gave me this idea.  She had the cut file and everything for the cartridges and I love this system.  I will find the link and post it - I promise.  Anyway, I have all my cartridges in one of these containers, my booklets are in two containers and I actually could use 3.  They stack perfectly and I can really study my booklets now by just going through each container.  I have alphabetized the cartridges and booklets so I can easily fine them.  My Imagine Cartridges use the same cut file, I just store them sideways.

So I know it looks like I've not been doing any crafting lately, but you can see that I've been busy getting my loft in order.  Thanks for everyone's inspiration.  I must say that I didn't like the Clip it Up for ME!  That is the reason I went to the DVD/CD cases.

I have a new project to post shortly.  Thank you for stopping by!

Here is the link for the blog for the person who gave me the idea to organize my Cricut cartridges.

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