Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The County Fair

Well last night I went to our county fair and entered five of my cards in Open Class Judging for handicrafts.  I was a 4-H member when I was in school years ago and the old habit dies hard.  It was because of 4-H that I learned to sew and bake.  After I became an adult and mother years later I still used to enter my baking and canning in the Open Class show.  Now that I'm working full time and I have NO garden, I entered my cards.  It was fun - will see how I did on Saturday when I go to the fair grounds.

I needed 3 cards to send tonight and it was great just going up in my loft and looking through my stash and finding the perfect sentiments for certain people.

Time for bed!



  1. Good Luck Cathy I hope the judges know a good card when they see one ;)

  2. Thank you! I will know on Saturday. My grandson is showing lambs.


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