Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

I cannot think of a more beautiful day than today is here in Indiana.  Mild temps, sunny and blue skies, Sunday afternoon to rest and recuperate for the week ahead, party time yesterday with good friends, and church this morning.  I am feeling very blessed today!  In less than two weeks, my husband will have a knee replacement so I'm not sure how much crafting I will get done.  That's okay!  Family is first!  I may need to work a shorter day while he is recuperating but I feel totally blessed that I have a job that I do that.  For those of you who are spiritual, I would love prayer for a rapid recovery on his part.  He is so healthly, I feel sure he will do great!

I may post a project later today, but if not, I hope and pray you all are enjoying and feel blessed on this day!


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