Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend's over...................

Sounds like the start of a country song!  Ha!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I did pretty much NOTHING!  I can't believe it.  I did no crafting what so ever, but I did sleep!  I guess I needed it.  I did exercise both Saturday and today.  I love to walk but I did something to my knee at my son's wedding in late September and there are days that I just limp.  Gosh I'm feeling so old some days!  Anyway, I have a rowing type machine that has been in the garage and I asked hubby to bring it in and I've been doing that.  I thought that maybe that might strengthen my knee and by summer I can be back walking.

I wanted to post a springy card so it might get you in the mood.  I can't remember which cartridge I used for this butterfly but I do think it came out great.  Again, as always I cut out about 8 butterflies and then I decorated several cards and used a different sentiment.  This card worked great for "thinking of you", "get well", "happy birthday" etc.

Next weekend, I hope to work on something for Easter!  Join me and leave me a link to your blog.  I love all the ideas I am getting!


  1. Love the butterfly! What a great idea to cut out a bunch and make a slew of cards at once. I may have to do that as well!! It makes it seem so much more productive. :)

  2. You know Shauna, I really need to start scrapbooking! LOL! I have so many cards and it's really the same process. I think I will go through my pictures on my computer and send them in for printing.


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